Is to give something back.....


In the Winter of 2013, my father was taken ill. A non-smoker all his life, he was diagnosed with lung cancer which had mestastised to the brain. Sadly, he died just 50 days later at the age of 74.


Inspired by the care that he had been shown during his illness, I decided that I'd like to give a little back.


Some people, when faced with such tragedy, run a marathon but, doing the thing that I know best, I decided that my contribution would be to make a wine and that any profits would be donated to good causes.


Later the same year, while walking through a 125  year old Barossa Valley vineyard I was struck by the history that a vineyard of this age holds. The gnarled vines, many barely alive, are testament to both the resilience of nature and the spirit of those farming them through good times and bad.


It was an easy decision to make Our Fathers first wine from this very vineyard


More Reasons to Give


As if all that wasn't enough, the mental illness that my mother had battled with for some years, finally overcame her in the most tragic of ways in July 2014. Another reason to give something back.


Finally, I hope, I had a heart attack in May 2015, totally out of the blue. Our Fathers has been a focus for good throughout all of these "hurdles"


Charitable Causes


 It is Our Fathers commitment that all profits from the sale of the wine will be donated to charitable causes. The nature of these causes is:


          - St Columbas Hospice, Edinburgh

          - Cancer Research UK

          - British Heart Foundation

          - SAMH - Scottish Association on Mental Health


I will also identify suitable Australian recipients so that any profits for sales there can be directed to charities there.


Evidence of the donations made will appear on this website as and when they happen.





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